Not by Might nor by Power, but by My Spirit

‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the LORD of hosts. Zechariah 4:6I was listening to Robin Mark’s medley this morning and I was overcome by the words and the meaning.  Have you ever hit a wall?  A wall in your life that seems so thick and so insurmountable that makes you feel helpless, stuck, discouraged, and frightened?

Zechariah, the prophet received a vision that was intended to encourage Zerubbabel in his quest of re-building the Temple. If you recall, it was completely destroyed by the Babylonians.  He could not just rebuild the temple in peace as he and his people were constantly on the watch for attackers.  How seemingly impossible their task was.  Do you feel that way dear one?

God Gave Them a Message

Yet God gave them this message:  God, by His Spirit would give them such gifts as they needed; the ability to keep building and to keep the ring of enemies around them at bay.  All came from God’s Spirit.  None came from their own abilities.  Note who is saying this ‘The Lord of Hosts.’  In other words ‘The Lord of the Angel Armies’ who is Jesus Himself.

Do you, like me need to hear this message? Does your daily struggle make you forget the true source of all real strength?  Does the wall in front of you seem immovable? our true power, as believers in Jesus Christ as the true and living God at our weakest, is omnipotent. Let’s grasp the strength which is ours, and accept the Spirit which is freely offered through salvation in Jesus Christ.

Don’t Be Afraid

Rising above our difficulties whether they be physical, spiritual or circumstantial is not presumption when it has been preceded by our believing gaze on our source of strength. If we have taken to heart the words of our ‘Lord of Hosts’, we can have His peace and confidence that He has sent His Holy Spirit to guide us.  He will direct us and we can truly calmly front obstacles, assured that we are being led by the Spirit because He has gone before us making the way clear. Don’t be afraid dear one.  Be encouraged.

Remember, most of our terrors are like ghosts, who will not wait to be spoken to, but melt away if fairly faced. We shouldn’t forget the other side of this thought also; namely, that it is God who rules and Who chooses to sometimes humble us when we become high and mighty.  It is also this same God who raises the humble in spirit. I don’t know about you dear one, but more often than not, God has to humble me, not raise me up.

Does your task or your circumstance seem impossible dear one?  Are you unsure of where to turn next for answers?  Ask the God of all Gods to guide you through the power of His Holy Spirit.  Watch as the men on watch did while rebuilding the wall and the temple in Jerusalem; walk in faith as things begin to work out; wait and see what God will do as you continue in prayer.  God has not forgotten you dear one.