What’s Your Mountain Look Like?

I am sitting in the ski chalet in Jasper Alberta surrounded by one of the most spectacular views in the world.  Alas, I am limited to the chalet and the deck.  I am unable to do what everyone else comes here to do.  My broken back and spinal cord injury does not allow me to  ski on the incredible mountain slopes.  Not only was I permanently injured but I also became a widow at a very young age with two very young children to care for.  They too were seriously injured in our auto accident.   My life and lifestyle changed forever.  At the time, my mountain of injury to myself and my children seemed insurmountable. Which leads me to the question, what’s your mountain look like?

Isaiah 54:10

For the mountains may be removed and the hills may shake, But My lovingkindness will not be removed from you, And My covenant of peace will not be shaken,” Says the LORD who has compassion on you.

The verse from Isaiah tells me that God doesn’t change.  His lovingkindness to me is still there.  His compassion for me has remained.  Why then, you may ask, did He allow such a devastating thing to happen?   You may be asking the same questions from God  right now with what is going on in your own life.  Why God why are you shaking things up like you shake up the mountains you created?! What’s YOUR mountain look like?

I can trust Him

These are a few things He has taught me through my recovery and through my adjustments to a different lifestyle:

  • He loves me.
  • I can trust Him with my present circumstances because He knows my future.
  • He has a plan for my life.

Just as He spoke the spectacular world into being, created the majestic mountains for us to enjoy, whether we are sitting admiring the view or sailing down the slopes on skis, we can know and trust Him.

Did I struggle with the circumstances that changed my life so drastically?  Absolutely!  There were many days and weeks when I was not sure if I could go on.  I had to learn to walk again – something the surgeons said medically was impossible for me to do.  I was completely paralyzed from the waist down even after my surgery.  For seven long months, I had to be away from my babies, one nineteen months old, the other barely five weeks old, .  Both of them were in the hospital recovering from surgeries and injuries of their own . But God had a plan.  He was with me every step of the way literally and figuratively.  He has a plan for you too.

Your Mountain is not Insurmountable

What’s your mountain look like? Your mountain is not insurmountable dear one. God, who created the mountains, created you and I.  Trust him for your present.  Trust Him for your future.  His lovingkindness, His compassion, His peace will carry you to the top of your mountain no matter what it is.